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5 Lessons Learned:

How to Efficiently Grow Cannabis

For many years, cannabis has been grown in different parts of the world. However, in the past it was actually illegal to grow cannabis at home. Nowadays, most countries and states have legalized the farming of cannabis. This means that it can be grown by individual farmers for personal use. Growing of cannabis can be difficult if you do not have the necessary expertise and skills. The skills are however easy to acquire.

Let us understand the benefits of growing cannabis at home before venturing into the farming process. First, you will be very sure of the chemical components in the cannabis. By knowing the fertilizers and pesticides you used, you know the components of the final product. This way, you will have full confidence while consuming the product after harvesting. Secondly, you have the freedom to choose the strain of cannabis to grow. This way you will only grow the strain that suits your needs.

Since cannabis is a plant just like many others, most of the conditions required for its growth also apply to other plants. The use of soil as a medium of growing cannabis is the traditional method. You should however ensure that you use soil that is rich in nutrients. The preferred soil type for cannabis growth is loam soil. The loam soil can retain water for a long time. Moisture retention helps cannabis plants to absorb enough water for growth.

Organic matter is important especially when growing cannabis in the traditional way. Organic matter comes from plant and animal remains and it has many nutrients. Such matter serves as manure once it decomposes. This ensures that the cannabis plants grow to be very healthy. In addition, some organic matter can serve as mulching. Mulching protects the soil from direct sunlight. This way, moisture from the soil does not evaporate hence the plants have enough water.

The hydroponic gardening technique comes in handy for those wishing to grow cannabis but have limited space. Here, soil is not the growing medium. The use of other media such as hydroton, coco coir and vermiculite is employed. The level of sophistication for this method is quite high. In this method, the cannabis plants are fed with nutrients through the solution regularly. Pests cannot destroy crops in this method.

Cannabis kits also exist in the market. You can use the kits if you are a first time cannabis farmer. The kits also provide guidance to the farmer. In addition, the kits are already well-set to ensure that the cannabis plants grow in ideal conditions. Setting up a cannabis farm can be costly in the beginning but do not worry since the long term benefits of personal production outweigh the initial costs. Therefore, be a cannabis farmer and reap the many benefits of growing cannabis at home!

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